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Kick Down Switch

Switch on an automatic transmission that signals that the throttle is at least 90% open. Under certain conditions causes a downshift for improved acceleration.


The precipitation of dissolved binder or additive from solution as a result of solvent incompatibility.


Road shocks transmitted to the driver through the steering system.


1000 watts


Movement energy.

Kinetic Balance

The balance of a rotating component about the perpendicular to the axis. Wheel balance has both static and dynamic quantities.

Kinetic Energy

Energy in the form of a mass moving.

King Pin Angle

Alternative term for KPI (King Pin Inclination).

King Pin Inclination

The angle that the king pin axis tilts from the vertical. Used to provide centre point steering where the centre of the tyre tread is on the steering pin axis.

King Pins

A type of steering swivel fitted to beam axles.

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