Automotive Glossary

Automotive Glossary

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Inlet Valve

Valve in the inlet port that allows air or air/fuel mixture into an engine.

Inline Pump

Type of diesel fuel injection pump with the pump elements in line.

Inner Races

The inside rings of ball or roller bearings.

Inner Tube

The separate sealed air tube on a tyre that is required with certain types of tyre and wheel rim.

Inner Wing

Metal panel structure under the bonnet forming part of the wing.


Power or data that goes into a mechanical unit or electronic control module.

Input Device

A device that allows you to put information into the computer. Egg, keyboard, mouse.

Input Shaft

Shaft that takes drive from the engine into the gearbox.

Insert (Valve Seat)

A steel insert fitted in aluminium and some iron cylinder heads to form a durable seating for the inlet and exhaust valves.


A feature of air brakes designed to give an initial quick application to make up for the time it takes for air pressure change.

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