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Automotive Glossary

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Inductive Sensor

A coil and magnet used in conjunction with a trigger wheel. It produces a sine wave output with a frequency proportional to speed.

Industrial Fallout

Chemical compounds present in the air which are deposited on the horizontal surfaces of vehicles and which may damage the finish.

Inert Gas

A non-reactive gas element.


The force that holds a body stationary or in uniform motion.

Inertia Reel

Type of seat belt that holds spare webbing on a reel and locks the reel on impact. This is performed by a swinging weighted ball and lever that locks the belt reel ratchet wheel with a pawl.

Inertia Switch

A switch that operates by the inertia (need to stay at a constant speed or state of rest) of a mass. Usually used to cut off supply to a fuel pump in case of a crash.


The general increase in the price of goods and services.


Light energy that produces radiated heat, used for speeding up the curing of paint, filler, etc.

Infrared Light

That portion of the spectrum responsible for most of the heating effects of the sun's light. Not visible to the human eye.

Infrared Lighting

Infrared light is outside the visible spectrum. When used for lighting, a special detector is also needed.

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