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Incoming Telephone Call

To receive a telephone call.

Independent Suspension

Suspension fitted to each wheel."

Indirect Injection

Diesel engine design where fuel is injected into a pre-combustion chamber fitted inside the cylinder head.

Induced Voltage

Naturally occurring voltage in a conductor when subjected a magnetic flux.


Property of a coil such that an increase in current causes an increase in magnetism, which in turn tends to prevent the original increase in current. See also Lens's law.


1. The drawing in of a gas or fluid. 2. Process of causing an electrical potential in a conductor due to relative movement of a magnetic field.

Induction Period

An allotted amount of time upon mixing of components for compatibilization. The process is common among the use of epoxy/polyamide coatings.

Induction Stroke

First stroke of four stroke cycle when air and fuel enter the engine as the piston moves down the cylinder. Also known as the intake stroke.

Inductive Coil

All coils possess inductance. This is the property that resists changes in current flow.

Inductive Generator

A magnetic/electrical pulse generator used as a sensor in electronic control systems. It uses an iron core and electrical winding to induce an electrical current when passed by a toothed wheel or rotor. Also known as a magnetic pulse generator.

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