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Automotive Glossary

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Usually part of an alarm system. It cuts off the ignition or fuel to prevent a vehicle from being started and stolen.

Impact Switch

A switch that operates when the car impacts something. Used as a safety device to cut off a fuel pump.

Impact Tools

Power tools that use a high frequency hammering action for the removal and installation of nuts and bolts, for drilling and chiselling. Impact tools should only be used with sockets, drills and chisels made for that purpose. The use of normal hand tools form impact is hazardous as these may shatter in use.


Vaned disc that creates flow by centrifugal force (water pump). In a torque converter it is driven from the engine to force liquid onto the turbine.


Old British standard of measurement using yards, feet and inches.

Imperial Measurement

Defined by three measures - the gallon, the yard and the pound.

In-line Engine

A engine fitted along the axis of a motor vehicle.

Inboard Brakes

Brake units fitted on the final drive casing and output shafts rather than on the wheel hub and carrier.


Light given off by a high temperature object. Usually describes a bulb filament.

Included Angle

Camber and steering swivel (king pin) inclinations (angles) added together.

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