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Ignition Coil - IGC

An electrical transformer that increases the battery voltage to a high tension capable of arcing across the gap of spark plug electrodes.

Ignition Distributor

A component in the ignition system that houses the primary circuit switching device and the secondary circuit distribution components.

Ignition Lag

A short delay after injection before the fuel ignites.

Ignition Module

The electronic unit that switches the ignition coil on and off in response to a signal from a pulse generator.

Ignition Switch

The engine ignition and vehicle electrical circuits control switch used by the driver to start and stop the engine.

Ignition Timing

The static and dynamic settings of the ignition distributor or in the engine control module (ECM) that control the ignition coil secondary circuit output and spark for starting the combustion process in the engine.


Lighting up, making bright.


Integrated Motor Assist is Honda's term for their hybrid propulsion system. This includes the electric motor/generator, 144v battery pack, controlling electronics and the wiring that connects them all together. ISG or ISA is used by some manufacturers, Integrated Starter Generator or Alternator.


Taking place without delay.

Immiscible (non-miscible)

Incapable of mixing in or blending with other components.

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