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Information and Communication Technology.


Inside Diameter


Indirect injection of diesel fuel into a pre-combustion or swirl chamber in the cylinder head.


Term used to describe an engine running at a speed when the throttle has not been depressed. Also used to describe a lazy technician...

Idle Air Control (IAC)

Idle air control. An air valve on fuel injection systems to increase the air flow and idle speed of a cold engine and during warm up.

Idle Control Components

Parts that are designed to keep the engine idle speed at a set level.

Idle Mixture

The fuel strength or air/fuel ratio.

Idle Speed

Rotational speed of an engine on no-load and minimum throttle setting. Also tick over and curb idle.

Idler Arm

A steering arm parallel to the Pitman arm (drop arm) and connected to it by a centre track rod.

Idler Gear

(1) A gear between two others that does not affect the gear ratio. Any gearwheel between the driving and driven gears in a gear train, the shaft of which serves only to bear and locate the gear, and is therefore 'idle'. The idler gear may serve to reverse the rotation of the driven wheel, so that it rotates in the same direction as the driving wheel. (2) An intermediate or tensioning pulley for a belt drive.

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