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Automotive Glossary

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Viewing a repaired/re-painted area from an angle that is perpendicular (at 90°) to the car.

Head-up Display

Projection of instruments onto the windscreen so that the road and the instruments can be seen at the same time by the driver.

Header Tank

The expansion tank at the top of a coolant radiator, which can be part of the radiator or a separate tank.


Vehicle lighting that provides illumination of the road for the driver. Usually consists of switched main and dipped beams.

Headway Sensor

A device usually fitted in the front grill of a vehicle that in conjunction with a transmitter senses distance in front of the vehicle. Often part of an active cruise control system.


A form of energy in all materials that can be used to do work.

Heat Exchanger

A device for transferring heat from one system or place to another.

Heat Range

Applies to spark plug construction where the rate of heat loss from the plug nose is controlled by the length of the insulation. Spark plugs are given a rating from hot to cold to classify the heat range and application. The plug tip temperature is controlled to keep the tip and electrodes clean.

Heat Sink

A plate to which electronic components are attached to dissipate heat.

Heater Matrix

Small radiator used to exchange heat from the coolant to the vehicle cabin.

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