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Automotive Glossary

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Hydraulic Pedestal

Self-adjusting support for a finger tappet in the valve opening mechanism.

Hydraulic Pressure

Pressure applied by a fluid.

Hydraulic Tappets

Self-adjusting cam followers in valve opening mechanism.

Hydraulic Valves

Valves used to control pressure or flow of a hydraulic fluid.


A compound which contains only carbon and hydrogen, which are distillate by-products of petroleum, natural gas and coal.

Hydrocarbon (HC)

Chemical compound which contains only, or principally, Carbon and Hydrogen. The principal constituent of liquid fossil fuels.

Hydrocarbon Emissions

Fuel vapours released into the atmosphere from a vehicle exhaust or fuel tank.


To break down (a hydrocarbon) by the process of hydrocracking. This is a catalytic cracking process of breaking down large hydrocarbon molecules into smaller ones


Reaction with water. Usually refers to a decomposition process leading to paint failure.


Instrument used for measuring specific gravity/relative density of a liquid (coolant, battery electrolyte).

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