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Automotive Glossary

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Hold-in Winding

A winding in a starter motor solenoid that holds the switch contacts together and the drive pinion in mesh during engine starting.


The ability of a surface to keep the topcoat from sinking in and causing a decrease in appearance or gloss.


Uniform in structure or composition throughout. This is usually used to refer to a fuel air mixture in a cylinder that is a 'perfect' mixture of fuel and air.


A light grinding process applied to cylinder bores in preparation for the fitting of new pistons.

Hooke's Joint

A drive shaft universal joint consisting of two yokes and a cross bearing. Also Cardan joint.

Horizontally Opposed

An engine configuration where cylinder pairs are fitted on opposite sides of the crankshaft. Sometimes referred to as 'Boxer' engines.


A measure of power equivalent to 0.746 Kilowatts. Defined by a rate of doing work of 33,000 foot pounds per minute (550 foot pounds per second).


Heated Oxygen Sensor.

Hose Clamp

Simple ring type clamp to seal a hose onto a pipe.

Hot Idle Compensator

A device to change idle or mixture settings when an engine is hot.

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