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G or g

Unit of force equivalent to the force of the Earth's gravity.
Entry link: G or g


A force on an object equivalent to the force applied by the Earth's gravity.
Entry link: G-force

G/C Clamp

A clamp (hand tool) shaped like a G/C.
Entry link: G/C Clamp


A rubber (or similar) boot used to cover working components. It is used to keep dirt out and in some cases lubrication in place. Also slang for alligator...
Entry link: Gaiter


Entry link: gal


See Main Gallery.
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A protective process for steel sheet where a thin surface layer of zinc is applied by hot dipping the steel into a bath of molten zinc.
Entry link: Galvanize

Ganged Switch

An electrical switch that operates two or more circuits from one switching point.
Entry link: Ganged Switch


A fluid state of matter when the atoms are free. The least dense state of matter which can have three states, solid, liquid and gas.
Entry link: Gas

Gas Analyser

Electronic equipment that measures exhaust gas constituents.
Entry link: Gas Analyser

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