Automotive Glossary

Automotive Glossary

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The mechanism for selecting gears in the transmission. Consists of the driver's gear lever, the linkage to the transmission gearbox, and the selectors in the gearbox.


Governor Electronic Module.




Machine for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.


A common type or something that is used for a variety of tasks.

Gerotor Pump

A type of positive displacement oil pump that uses two gears on eccentric axes. One gear is on a shaft inside another rotating in the housing. The pumping and carrying chambers are formed between the gear teeth.


Reflection from the sun or a light onto the computer screen making it difficult to see properly.


A polish that is safe for use on fresh paints. Some glazes contain a mild abrasive that will remove minor surface imperfections. When a glaze with an abrasive is used, it should be followed by application of wax on cured paint or a hand glaze on fresh paint. A glaze also does not contain silicone.


Person who works with glass.


The ability of a surface to reflect light. Measured by determining the percentage of light reflected from a surface at certain angles.

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