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Gear Cluster

A series of fixed gears on one shaft. Used to provide gear selection by engagement with freely rotating gears on another shaft. The selection is made by locking the freely rotating gear to the shaft. This can be by the use of a sliding hub or a sliding gear splined to the output shaft.

Gear Clutch

A clutch that connects or disconnects drive to a gear.

Gear Cogs

Toothed wheels that mesh with other toothed wheels.

Gear Lash

The clearance between the teeth of two meshing gears. Also known as backlash when applied to gears.

Gear Pump

An oil pump using two meshed gears to provide a positive pumping action. The teeth are of the two gears run in mesh. Where they come out of mesh a small chamber forms to allow oil to flow in, the oil is carried round the periphery of pump in the gear teeth and when the teeth come into mesh the chamber is reduced in size and the oil forced from the pump.

Gear Ratio

Ratio of angular velocities of pairs of meshing gears. Number of teeth on driven gear divided by number of teeth on driver gear.

Gear Reduction

A gear drive that reduces the rotational speed of the output shaft below that of the input shaft.

Gear Train

Two or more gears in mesh that transmit a drive through them.


A housing containing gears to allow different ratios to be selected.

Geared Distributor

A distributor driven by a gear from the engine.

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