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Gas Analyzer

See Gas Analyser.

Gas Turbine

A type of internal combustion that uses rotating blades in a compressor to provide charging of the combustion chamber. The output gas pressure is used to drive turbine blades which are connected by a shaft to drive the compressor and a transmission gearbox or in the case of aircraft jet engines to provide air propulsion.


A material that is fitted between faces to take up the irregularity of the surface finishes and provide a gas or liquid seal.


A hydrocarbon fuel made up from carbon and hydrogen elements. Used as a fuel for internal combustion engines. Also petrol.


The formation, in the can, of gaseous products in a coating material, due to the reaction between two or more constituents of the coating material or between the latter and the metal of the container. Characterised by a 'Pop' sound when opening paint containers


In transmission systems a device to guide a gear into any one position at any one time. In electronics a logic device for regulating electrical current flow according to input voltage levels.


Governor Control Module.


Gasoline direct injection. Petrol/Gasoline is injected directly into the combustion chamber under high pressure.


A method of providing leverage. Toothed wheel that meshes with another toothed wheel.

Gear Brake

Part of an automatic gearbox, the brake is often a band of friction material.

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