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Automotive Glossary

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G or g

Unit of force equivalent to the force of the Earth's gravity.


A force on an object equivalent to the force applied by the Earth's gravity.

G/C Clamp

A clamp (hand tool) shaped like a G/C.


A rubber (or similar) boot used to cover working components. It is used to keep dirt out and in some cases lubrication in place. Also slang for alligator...




See Main Gallery.


A protective process for steel sheet where a thin surface layer of zinc is applied by hot dipping the steel into a bath of molten zinc.

Ganged Switch

An electrical switch that operates two or more circuits from one switching point.


A fluid state of matter when the atoms are free. The least dense state of matter which can have three states, solid, liquid and gas.

Gas Analyser

Electronic equipment that measures exhaust gas constituents.

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