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Finesse coat

See 'Drop coat'


A protective coating of paint; usually referring to the final appearance of the painted surface. Also, to apply a paint or paint system.

Finishing Film

A fine graded abrasive disc for sanding top coat automotive paints before repainting or compounding.


Substantial structural panel of vehicle body in front of passenger compartment. Also known as a bulkhead.

Firing Order

The sequence for ignition of individual cylinders in an engine.

Fish Eyes

A surface depression or crater in the wet paint film. Fish Eyes are caused by repulsion of the wet paint by a surface contaminant such as oil or silicone. The depression may or may not reveal the surface under the paint, depending on its depth or severity.

Fish-Eye Eliminator

Additive used in paint to prevent the occurrence of fish eyes (craters/silicones) in a freshly painted surface - usually caused by the presence of contaminants such as wax polish.

Fixed Caliper

A disc brake caliper in which the two halves and pistons are made as a single unit attached to the axle assembly.

Fixed Choke Carburettor

A carburettor with a fixed diameter venturi (choke tube).

Fixed Venturi

A narrowed section in a carburettor - the size of which remains fixed.

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