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Feedback Carburettor Actuator


Fuel Control Solenoid


Fuel Deceleration Valve

Feather-edge Splitting

Fractures or cracks along the feather-edge which occur during drying or shortly after the topcoat has been applied over primer-surfacer. This problem occurs due to poor preparation, use of excessively fast solvents in primer, improper flash-off time and/or very aggressive solvents in topcoat.


Tapering a paint edge from substrate to topcoat or between layers of paint material by sanding. If feather-edging has been carried out efficiently, it should not be possible to feel the edges with the finger tips.


Term used to describe the way a tyre wears when the tracking is set incorrectly. The tread scuffs up like feathers.

Feed (leather)

The process of treating leather with soaps and creams to improves its lifespan and appearance.

Feed Cable

The main supply wire to a component.


A feature used in electronic control systems to monitor performance by the use of a sensor downstream of an actuator. An example is an exhaust oxygen sensor monitoring the fuel injection quantities.

Feedback Resistor

A variable resistor used to indicate position of a moving component.

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