Automotive Glossary

Automotive Glossary

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Full Flow Lubrication

An engine lubrication system where all of the oil flows through the oil filter before entering the engine oil galleries.

Full Load

Describes the engine condition when it is working as hard as it is able - for acceleration for example.

Full Load Enrichment

A device in a carburettor that provides additional fuel during full throttle and heavy load conditions.

Full Wave Rectification

Alternating current converted to direct current by reverse flow of the negative bias so that it is added to the forward bias electrical flow. Modern rectifiers using a diode bridge achieve full wave rectification.

Fully Floating Axle

An axle hub arrangement that carries the load on two bearings and therefore does not apply a shear or bending force on the axle shaft.


A safety device in an electrical circuit that will burn and melt to break the circuit when an excess current is applied.

Fuse Box

A central termination block in a vehicle electrical system that carries the fuses.

Fuse Rating

The rated value of a fuse before failure due to an excess current load. The rating can be either a constant or a surge value and is given in amps. Fuses are usually colour coded and marked for the fuse rating.

Fuzzy Logic

A digital control system that makes 'educated' guesses.


Front-Wheel Drive

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