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The tungsten elements in a bulb that glow to produce light.

Filiform Corrosion (Spidering)

A paint defect caused by moisture ingress between the substrate and the paint film, e.g. via an untreated stone chip, that continues to travel in 'spidery' threads.


Commonly, a heavily pigmented sprayed foundation paint used to fill imperfections and pores in a substrate. To avoid confusion with 'Body Filler', should be referred to as 'Primer-Filler' or 'High-Build Filler'

Filler Neck

The connection into the fuel tank for refuelling.

Fillet Radius

A machined curve between two faces of a component. An example is the curve between a crankshaft web and journal.


A very thin continuous sheet of material. Paint forms a film on the surface to which it is applied.

Film Thickness

The thickness or depth of a dry paint film is important. Thin films may appear to be the wrong colour due to their lower opacity, and may also have durability issues. Over-thick films are likely to crack in use. The thickness of paint films on iron or steel surfaces is easily determined with a magnetic gauge.

Film Thickness Gauge

A device used to measure the coating thickness on a substrate. Magnetic devices are used to measure the thickness of ferrous metals; whereas electronic devices are used on non-ferrous substrates.


A fine mesh or paper screen used to remove dirt and other contaminants from a liquid or gas (air).

Final Drive

The gearing immediately before the driven wheels. It provides a split to each driven wheel with a final gear reduction for the transmission. Can also be used to turn the drive through 90° with the use of bevel gears.

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