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E.C. (E)

European Commission (Executive).
Entry link: E.C. (E)


Electronic Control Unit."
Entry link: E.C.U


Electronic Control Unit.
Entry link: E.C.U.


Electro Motive Force.
Entry link: E.M.F.(emf.)


Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
Entry link: E2PROM


Electronic Air Control Valve
Entry link: EACV

Early Fuel Evaporation

Early fuel evaporation system using a heater element below a carburettor to heat the intake air and improve atomisation at cold engine speeds. Improves driveability and reduces harmful exhaust emissions.
Entry link: Early Fuel Evaporation

Earth (Ground)

The electrical termination for components connected into a vehicle direct current earth return circuit. On mains electricity a safety route for an electrical short circuit used as a means of protecting people or electrical components from electrical overload.(Ground - US term)
Entry link: Earth (Ground)

Earth (Ground) Cable

The battery cable connecting the return side of a vehicle circuit to a terminal on the battery where a ground return circuit is used. (Ground - US term).
Entry link: Earth (Ground) Cable

Earth Switching

Used to describe a circuit where the switch breaks the earth side of the circuit instead of the supply side.
Entry link: Earth Switching

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