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Automotive Glossary

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The property of materials that can deform and return to their original shape without permanent deformation.

Electric Field

Area round an electric charge in which an electric force is exerted.

Electrical Energy

The potential of electricity to do work.

Electro Motive Force (e.m.f.)

Voltage or pressure in a circuit.

Electro Motive Force (emf.)

Electrical energy available to a circuit at the battery or generator.

Electro Plating

Coating with chromium, silver, etc. by electrolysis.

Electro-coating (Electrophoretic coating)

Electro-coating is an organic coating method that uses electrical current to deposit paint onto vehicle bodies, part, or other assembled products.


Usually a metallic conductor which conducts electricity into a liquid, a gas, a vacuum or on to the surface of a solid.


A method by which paint is applied electrically by immersing electrodes and the work to be painted in a water-based paint and applying a direct electrical current to them.


A combination of electrical and hydraulic control systems.

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