Automotive Glossary

Automotive Glossary

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Discharge Time

Refers usually to how long a capacitor will take to release all its stored energy. It can be calculated by multiplying the capacitance by resistance and by five (t = 5CR).


Change in colour of paint due to chalking, dirt collection, fading, darkening or tonal changes.


Unfair or unequal treatment of a person due to their age, sex, disability, race, religion etc.


The act of removing a connection between two gears of through a clutch.

Disk Drives

The primary data storage device used by computers. It stores and retrieves data.

Dispersion Coatings

A type of paint in which the binder molecules are present as colloidal particles. Characterized by a higher percent sprayable solids than is possible with solution-bases paints.


The swept volume of a cylinder between the top and bottom positions of the top of a piston.

Displacer Unit

A hydraulic suspension component that contains gas under pressure and a fluid.


Metallic particles from the basecoat surface in the clearcoat. If severe, the effect can alter the tone and exaggerate the metallic appearance.


Purified by evaporation and condensation.

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