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Automotive Glossary

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The line that goes through the centre of the circle.


Flexible disc or membrane which deflects under pneumatic or hydraulic pressure and, in so doing, imparts linear motion to a centrally-located rod or other form of mechanical actuator, as in an air brake or carburettor.

Diaphragm Spring

Dished clutch spring applying clamping force and disengagement linkage.


A book containing a list of words in alphabetical order. Each word has information given about it (i.e., the definition).


Tool used to cut an external thread.


Used in a capacitor as an insulator between the two conductive plates.


Heavy fuel oil for diesel engines. Compression ignition engine.

Diesel 'Knock'

Engine noise produced by very rapid rise in cylinder pressure following injection and ignition of the fuel in a diesel engine.


A condition in a petrol engine when it continues to run after the ignition has been turned off. Also known as running on or run on and usually occurs in a very hot carburettor engine where the fuel cannot be fully shut off.


Relating to or using a difference. Operating on differences in pressure. Bevel gear set that allows two wheels to rotate at different speeds.

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