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Automotive Glossary

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Digital Electronic Fuel Injection


Applied to springs to indicate the amount of movement away from the original position.


The gradual or rapid disintegration of a paint film, normally due to weathering. May be simply fading/loss of gloss or can lead to total paint film breakdown


Cleaning a bare or previously painted substrate by removing greases, oils, and other surface contaminants.

Degrees of Advance

Refers to crankshaft rotation degrees as linked to ignition timing.


The loss of adhesion between two or more layers of paint, causing material to separate from the painted surface or substrate.

Delta Wound Stator

An alternator stator winding with the three-phase coils connected at the ends in order to give a large current output.


An expression of the mass of a substance for a given volume, e.g. water has a density of 1kg per litre

Desiccant Bag

Chemical used to absorb moisture. Often used in AC systems to remove moisture from the refrigerant.


Careful, in-depth cleaning and polishing of a vehicle's surface finish and/or interior surfaces.

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