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Double-Cardan Universal Joint

Two Hooke's or Cardan type universal joints close coupled to increase the effective angle of turn before inducing vibration.


A technique that was necessary before the use of synchromesh mechanisms. During a gear change the clutch is lifted as the gear mechanism moves to neutral, the engine is revved (if changing down), the clutch is now depressed and the new gear selected.


A locating pin between two mating components. Can be solid or hollow.

Down Draft

A carburettor where the choke tube (venturi) is fitted vertically.

Downdraft Booth

A spray booth in which the air movement is from the ceiling (input air) through the floor (extracted air).

Downshift Valve

Automatic transmission valve to give a downshift under specific drive conditions.


Diesel Particulate Filter

Drag Link

Steering linkage between the steering box drop arm (Pitman arm) and the drag arm on the steering swivel.

Drain Plug

Removable plug used to let fluid out (engine oil for example).

Drain Tap

A simple valve used to allow a fluid to be removed.

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