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Centre Bearings

Bearings usually used to support a rotating shaft - at its centre. Many RWD propshafts have a centre bearing for example.

Centre Link

The centre track rod of a three-part steering system which connects the steering box drop arm to the idler and the two outer track rods.

Centre of Gravity

The point about which an object would balance in all directions. Also the point about which it can be said that gravity is acting on something.

Centre Point Steer

Steering geometry, parallel with the vehicle axis, in which wheel camber and steering swivel axes meet at the centre line of a steered wheel at ground level.

Centrifugal Force

The outward movement felt as a car turns a sharp corner.

Centrifugal Unit

Mechanical system using weights attached to a shaft. These move out against spring force as the shaft speed increases. Senses shaft speed for ignition advance and diesel pump speed.


Cold Enrichment Rod


Cold Engine Sensor Switch

Cetane Number

Applies to diesel fuels as a measure of the delay in ignition after injection. A higher number indicates a shorter delay.

Cetane Rating

See cetane number.

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