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Castor Angle

Angle in side elevation between the steering and vertical axis.


A substance that causes a chemical reaction when it is mixed with another substance.

Catalytic Converter

Uses platinum, palladium and rhodium to change pollutants in exhaust gases to harmless substances.

Catch Up

The process by which testing test data recorded while testing under Emergency Testing is subsequently entered via the VTS Device.


A negative connection.

Cationic electrodeposition

One of the electro-coating (E-coat) methods in which the body is charged negatively and the paint positively. The cationic method is superior to the anionic method in terms of corrosion resistance. Frequently used for OEM primer application.


Sealing used in joints to prevent the passage of fluid (commonly moisture) or gas.


The formation of cavities in a structure or of gas bubbles in a liquid, or of a vacuum or partial vacuum as between a body moving in a fluid and the fluid.


Cubic Centimetres


Cold cranking amps (a rating for batteries)

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