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Electrical/electronic device consisting of two plates separated by an insulator. It is capable of holding a charge.

Capacity (engine)

Applied to the sum total of the swept volumes for all cylinders in an engine. Also known as 'total displacement'.

Carbon Black

A black pigment manufactured by collecting the carbon resulting from incomplete combustion of natural gas.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Polluting, odourless, toxic (poisonous) gas produced by incomplete combustion of fuel.


See Carburettor.


Device for Vaporizing liquid fuel and mixing it in appropriate proportions with a stream of air, prior to combustion in an engine.

Cardan Joint

A drive shaft universal joint consisting of two yokes and a cross bearing. Also Hooke's joint.


Crank Angle Sensor


A metal forming process where molten metal is poured or injected into a mould.


(1) Originally an undercarriage member with a vertical pivot axis behind which the wheel trailed, so that the wheel aligned itself to its direction of motion. (2) Steering geometry, parallel to the direction of travel, in which the steering pivot is inclined away from the vertical in order to give the effect of castor as described in 1. Also castor offset and castor trail. Small pivoting wheel attached to piece of furniture to facilitate movement.

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