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Cam Plate

A plate with one or more raised areas in the shape of a cam. Used in rotary diesel injection pumps to supply high pressure injection.

Cam Ring

A shaped ring with a cam shape.


(1) Convex arched curvature of a (usually horizontal) surface. (2) Average curvature of the chord wise section of an aerofoil. (3) Mildly arched profile of a road or pavement. (4) Inclination of the plane of a wheel to the vertical plane of symmetry of a vehicle. Camber is considered positive if the wheel leans out towards the top, and negative if it slopes inward.


Shaft on which suitably phased cams are mounted, as for example to operate intake and exhaust valves of an engine. In four-stroke engines the camshaft rotates at half crankshaft speed.


Controller Area Network. A protocol for a multiplexed system of control and communication on a vehicle.


The actual circuit on which the CAN signal/message is transmitted. It is usually a pair of wires but fibre optics have been used.

CAN message

The information transmitted on a data bus from one node to another.


Canister Purge Solenoid Valve

Cap (Tire Valve)

Air Valve. Secondary air valve for an inflated tire.


An ability to store an electrical charge in two conductors separated by an insulator.

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