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A gap between two components.

Clearance Fit

The relationship between the dimensions of two components where one fits inside the other. In this instance the fit is one where the inner dimension of the outer component is greater than the outer dimension of the inner component.

Clearance Size

A drilling size slightly larger than the nominal size of a thread.

Clearance Volume

The space above a piston at top dead centre in a cylinder. Includes the combustion chamber and any other volume formed by the thickness of gaskets, etc.


A temporary area used to store copied information.

Clock spring

These are generally made of rectangular section material, flat strip, with round edges. They are general used as brush springs in D.C. motors. Also known as spiral springs


Condition where abrasive paper becomes clogged by the abraded surface coating.

Closed Circuit

Applied to an electrical circuit when the switch is 'on' or the circuit is continuous.

Closed Loop

A system where a change in the output causes a changed input which in turn changes the output and so on...

Closed Loop System

Electronically controlled system, which adjusts settings by feedback from sensor signals that are monitoring the performance of actuators in the system and comparison with the pre-programmed map.

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