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Calibrated Aperture

An accurate size hole to control flow.

Calibrated Float

The float used in a hydrometer. It is designed to work accurately (calibrated) usually at 15 degrees Celsius.

Calibration Resistor

A variable resistance that is used to set the basic position of a circuit.


In a disc brake system, the mechanism that brings brake pads to bear on the disc by a clamping or pinching action, similar to that of the jaws of a Vernier caliper.

Caliper Piston

A slave cylinder in a brake caliper.


Calibration Pack


(1) A shaped or profiled component that produces linear or angular motion or lift of a follower. Except in the steering box, most automotive cams are in the form of non-circular wheels which impart motion to the follower by their rotation. (2) A camshaft (informal). Misleading usage, as for instance twin cam to describe an engine with two camshafts.

Cam Belt

Belt, usually made of reinforced rubber, which drives the cam from the crank.

Cam Linkage

A cam shaped (egg shaped) part.

Cam Lobe

High point of a cam which operates components.

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