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Body CAN or Basic CAN
Entry link: B-CAN


British Association old standard size of threads."
Entry link: B.A

B.S. Kite Mark

British Standards Kite Mark. The symbol of the British Standards Institute consisting of a triangle on its point with a capital B on its side above the triangle and a capital S inside the triangle.
Entry link: B.S. Kite Mark


British Standard Fine size of thread."
Entry link: B.S.F


Battery Positive Voltage
Entry link: B+

Babbitt Metal

An alloy of tin, copper, antimony and lead used as a coating for plain steel bearings.
Entry link: Babbitt Metal

Back EMF

A voltage produced that tends to oppose the voltage that created it.
Entry link: Back EMF

Back Plate

(1) Non-rotating plate carrying the shoes of a drum brake. (2) Metal member carrying friction material of the disc brake pad.
Entry link: Back Plate

Back Pressure

The pressure build-up in the exhaust caused by the resistance to exhaust flow by pipe diameters and muffler baffles. Used in design to balance an exhaust to an engine.
Entry link: Back Pressure


Technique of sanding a surface to taper the paint film away from the metal repaired area.
Entry link: Back-Sanding

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