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See Automatic Transmission

Automatic Adjusters

Brake components that automatically take up wear to keep brake shoes or pads close to the drum or rotor.

Automatic Choke

A carburettor component using a bimetallic strip that operates at low engine temperatures to improve cold start and idle performance. Operates independently of the driver.

Automatic Transmission

A vehicle gearbox with automatic gear shifts based on engine speed and load conditions. Does not require individual gear shifts by the driver.

Auxiliary Air Flow

Used to describe a flow of air that bypasses the normal route. It is used to control idle speed or idle mixture.

Auxiliary Air Valve

A valve used to control auxiliary air flow.

Auxiliary Components

Components that are outside a specific system. For example, when working on the engine, an alternator would be described as auxiliary.

Auxiliary Lights

Extra, non-essential lights such as front spotlights or driving lights.

Auxiliary shafts

Shafts that are used on some engines for balance or to drive other components.

Avalanche Diode

A diode that conducts when a value voltage is applied. Used to protect circuits from overload.

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