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Automatic transmission.


The term used when a test cannot be completed because the NT considers it unsafe to continue or because it becomes apparent during the test that certain items cannot be satisfactorily inspected. An appropriate fee may be charged for the test.


The term used when a test cannot be completed because of a problem with the VTS’s/DC’s testing equipment or the NT. No fee may be charged for the test.


Wearing away of a surface by some external force, such as sanding.


Substance used to wear away or smooth a surface by friction.


Substances used to wear away a surface by friction.


Antilock braking system.

Absolute Pressure

The pressure that exists when the forces of gravity are excluded from the actual pressure. Absolute pressure is equal to gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressure.


The penetration of a solid substance by a liquid as by capillary, osmotic, solvent, or chemical action.


Of heat: Takes in heat energy. Of sound: Takes in sound energy.

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