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Air Injection

An emission control device that adds air to the exhaust to add oxygen for the conversion of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to water and carbon dioxide. Usually fitted upstream of a catalytic converter.

Air Intake Duct

A pipe or similar used as part of the intake manifold or general system.

Air Line

A pipe that delivers compressed air.

Air Lock

A bubble of air in a hydraulic system that can be compressed and therefore reduces the performance or causes failure of the system.

Air Ratchet

A ratchet wrench driven by compressed air.

Air Resistance

Friction force caused by, for example, a vehicle moving through the air.

Air Spray

A system of applying paint in the form of tiny droplets. The paint is broken into droplets (atomised) by a spray gun as a result of being forced into a high velocity air stream. The shape and paint density of the resulting droplet cloud can be controlled by variations in air pressure, paint viscosity and gun tip geometry.

Air Temperature Sensor

Electronic device that provides information for engine management systems and frost warning indicator.

Air-fuel Ratio

The air and fuel mixture strength ratio.

Airflow Meter

Provides information to fuel injection system electronic control unit (ECU) on engine load. Measures the mass of air entering an engine.

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