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Air Bleed Valve

An automatic device used on fuel injection systems to provide fast idle during cold start and warm up.

Air Cap

Fitted in front of a spray gun fluid nozzle to direct compressed air against the paint to form and shape an atomised cloud of droplets.

Air Charge

Description of the amount of air taken into an engine on the induction stroke.

Air Cleaners/Filters

Canisters holding paper, plastic foam or gauze elements to trap dirt and grit.

Air Dry

The ability of a coating to dry or cure to its ultimate hardness under normal atmospheric conditions, without baking or force-drying. Measurement of time required must state conditions such as temperature and humidity.

Air Flow

Movement of a quantity of air past a point in a set time.

Air Flow Meter

Provides information to fuel injection system electronic control unit (ECU) on engine load. Measures the mass of air entering an engine.

Air Flow Sensor Plate

A plate used to sense the movement of air and therefore control fuel quantity.

Air Gap

The gap between two parts of a component, such as the spark plug electrodes, an inductive sensor or an armature and field shoes of a motor or generator.

Air Horn

The air inlet side of a carburettor or throttle body assembly.

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