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Automotive Glossary

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A necessary component used to provide a chemical reaction to cure paints, resins and adhesives.


A system that takes action all the time as opposed to a passive system that waits for a specific event before reacting.


Air Charge Temperature Sensor


Electronic components that receive signals from an electronic control unit (ECU) and operate to make a system work.


General term used to describe a device that allows one component to fit with another.

Adaptive Memory

A computer memory process that allows for changes in an open-loop mode.


A chemical added to improve the properties or performance of something.


Chemical substances added to paint products in relatively small amounts to impart or improve desirable properties. Examples include UV screeners, flow agents, and fish eye eliminators.


The phenomenon by which one material is attached to another by means of surface attraction.


General term used to describe a component that changes the adjustment of something (brake shoes or brake bands for example).

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