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A necessary component used to provide a chemical reaction to cure paints, resins and adhesives.
Entry link: Activator


A system that takes action all the time as opposed to a passive system that waits for a specific event before reacting.
Entry link: Active


Air Charge Temperature Sensor
Entry link: ACTS


Electronic components that receive signals from an electronic control unit (ECU) and operate to make a system work.
Entry link: Actuators


General term used to describe a device that allows one component to fit with another.
Entry link: Adapter

Adaptive Memory

A computer memory process that allows for changes in an open-loop mode.
Entry link: Adaptive Memory


A chemical added to improve the properties or performance of something.
Entry link: Additive


Chemical substances added to paint products in relatively small amounts to impart or improve desirable properties. Examples include UV screeners, flow agents, and fish eye eliminators.
Entry link: Additives


The phenomenon by which one material is attached to another by means of surface attraction.
Entry link: Adhesion


General term used to describe a component that changes the adjustment of something (brake shoes or brake bands for example).
Entry link: Adjuster

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