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Wet Film Gauge

A device used to determine wet film thickness of paint immediately after application. This is obviously a type of destructive test, as the paint surface is damaged by the gauge.

Wet Liner

Not strictly a liner as it does not line a cylinder, but is the cylinder of a water cooled engine that fits into the cylinder block in contact with the coolant.

Wet Sanding

A technique involving the sanding of a surface while it is being flushed with water. This aids with the smoothing out of surface defects before subsequent coats are applied.

Wet Spots

Discolouration caused where the paint fails to dry and adhere uniformly.

Wet Sump (Oil Pan)

An engine lubrication system where the reservoir of lubricating oil is held in a sump below the engine. As distinct from a dry sump where the reservoir of lubricating oil is kept in a separate tank.

Wet-on-Wet Application

A painting method by which a second coat of paint is applied over the first before it hardens and dries. Special primers have been developed which allow for colour to be applied on top of them with little or no flash-off time


The process by which a liquid forms intimate contact with the substrate to which it is applied.

Wheel Alignment

The relative angle of the road wheels to the true longitudinal axis of the vehicle. The toe angle is the degree of variation needed to bring the wheels into true rolling motion when the vehicle is travelling. Also known as 'toe'.

Wheel Base

The dimension from the centre of the front axle to the centre of the rear axle(s).

Wheel Bearing

Roller or ball bearing used to support a drive shaft or a wheel on a stub axle.

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