Please note, these downloads are for licensed/registered users only and will not work without the correct access codes!

Light Vehicle UK: Auto365UK (4.0GB)

Accident Repair UK: AR365 (1.8GB)

Automotive USA: Auto365USA (2.2GB)

Automotive USA: Updated (c) 2020 USA eTextbooks (110MB)

Unzip the file and it will make a folder called Auto365UK, Auto365USA or AR365, then run IMISetup.exe.

Full installation instructions here (450kB)

User Guide download here (4MB)


If you have problems downloading the large files we recommend installing Microsoft download manager from here and paste in these links:


Support programs

To access all the features of the IMI eLearning system, you may need to install additional support programs (but they are probably already on your system). The following links will ensure you have the latest versions:

Adobe Reader

Adobe Flash Player

Greenshot (free screen annotator)

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