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A device used by paint manufacturers to simulate the effects of weathering. Painted samples are subjected to simulated conditions of sunlight, rain, wind and even salt spray, to test their weathering durability

Web Browser

A software package that allows you to view pages from the World Wide Web. Examples are Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Web Page

A document, usually written in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), that can be accessed on the Internet.

Web Site

A collection of electronic 'pages'.


Description of the material used for seat belt straps.


A method of increasing force by use of a taper or inclined plane.

Weight Solids

The percentage on a weight basis, of non-volatile (i.e. the ingredients that will not evaporate) material in a paint.

Weight Transfer

The shift of a vehicle's weight towards the front when braking and towards the rear during rapid acceleration.

Welch Plug

A dished steel disc used as a core plug in engines and cylinder heads.

Wet Clutch

A friction clutch that runs in an oil bath.

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