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Relative Density

The ratio of the density of one substance to the density of water. Used to measure battery acid strength. Specific gravity is a similar but older term.


Electromagnetic switch used in electric circuits to reduce load on smaller switches.

Relay Coil

The winding in a relay that when power is supplied to it, causes magnetism, which in turn makes the relay contacts close.


Electromagnetic switches used in electric circuits.

Release Bearing

Shaft-mounted thrust bearing that transmits the action of the clutch pedal to disengage the clutch.

Release Fingers

The fingers in a circular section of the diaphragm on a clutch that move when the release bearing is operated.

Release Fork

The actuating lever that moves the release bearing of a clutch.

Release Levers

See Release Fork.

Release Mechanism

Components joining the clutch pedal to the pressure plate of the transmission clutch.