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Glossary: Automotive Glossary


At ninety degrees to another plane or line.


Volatile hydrocarbon fuel for spark ignition engines. Also gasoline.

Petroleum Jelly

A type of grease used for battery terminals. Vaseline is a refined version.


The German word for horsepower. Pferdestärke. 1PS equals 0.986bhp.


Port Fuel Injection.


Pulse Generator.

PH value

A measure of the acidity of a substance in an aqueous solution. Pure water has a pH value of 7 and is classified as neutral. Below 7 is acid and above 7 is known as basic. The scale is from 0 (strong acid) to 14 (strong base).


The time span between the start and end of a single wave moving from zero to positive and negative positions and returning to zero.

Phase Sensor

Sensor that indicates camshaft position and hence where the engine is in its cycle.

Phasing (diesel injection)

There are a number of phases of injection: fill phase, spill phase, injection phase and the pressure reduction phase.