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Glossary: Automotive Glossary

Polarity (Magnetic)

Magnetic north and south poles.

Polarized Light

Light that has been filtered so that its rays oscillate only in one direction.


The ends of a magnet where the field lines are emitted.


A specially formulated blend of components designed to remove minor paint surface imperfections, such as fine scratches, light oxidation, water spots, and swirl marks left by the use of rubbing compounds.


The use of polishes, either by hand or machine, to level and provide more gloss to a finish.

Polishing Compound

A mild abrasive material applied to a vehicle's painted surface which removes minor imperfections with minimal cutting action. Buffing restores film to a high gloss appearance.

Polishing Wax

A combination of wax and polish that contains mild abrasives. The abrasives remove minor paint imperfections. The wax and other ingredients produce a durable, high-gloss finish.


Products or by-products that destroy purity or make environments foul or filthy.


A 2K resin used as the binder for plastic fillers, fibre glass laminations and high-build primers

Polyester Stopper

A finer grade 2K plastic filler material used to fill minor imperfections such as pinholes in filler prior to priming.