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Glossary: Automotive Glossary


Power Bakes


Park and neutral position switch for sending signals to the PCM.


Power Steering Pressure Switch. Also PSP switch.


Pressure Air


The relative speed of progress or change.


A material which, when applied as a liquid to a surface, forms a solid film for the purpose of decoration and/or protection. Generally, any paint contains a binder, solvent, and pigment plus other chemicals or additives giving the paint its special characteristics or properties.

Paint Remover

A chemical, usually a mixture of acid and solvents that breaks down an old paint finish by liquefying it, thus allowing it to be completely removed from the substrate.

Paint Strainer

A disposable fine mesh filter used to clean paint as it is poured into the gun cup.

Paint thickness gauge

Precision instruments to accurately measure the dried film thickness of painted objects by non-destructive testing. On ferrous substrates, they operate by measuring the resistance to the flow of magnetism between two probes, and on non-ferrous surfaces special gauges use the 'Eddy Current' principle


Pulsed Secondary Air Injection