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Glossary: Automotive Glossary

Negative Temperature Coeffcient

See Negative Temperature Coefficient.

Negative Temperature Coefficient

Type of resistor that has resistance reducing with increases in temperature. These resistors are used in electrical circuits to give temperature sensing and control. Thermistor.

Negative Temperature Coeficient

See Negative Temperature Coefficient.


Interlinked group of computers so that resources can be shared.

Network Card

A piece of hardware that allows computers to be connected to a network.


Gearbox position when no gear is selected and no drive transmitted.

Neutral Drive Switch

On a transmission system, a switch that makes when neutral is selected.

Neutral Steer

Steering condition when the vehicle follows a true line in relation to the steered wheels.


One of a number of particles in the nucleus of an atom. The neutron has no polarity and is electrically neutral.

New and like-new finishes

Finishes that have maintained a brilliant, high-gloss performance.