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Micro Processor

A processor on a single integrated circuit or chip. The calculator in a microcomputer or electronic control module.

Micro Switch

A small switch usually operated by a moving mechanism.


A condition which appears as severe dulling of a paint film, but when viewed under magnification, is actually very fine cracking of the painted surface .


Containing lots of very small holes.


Refers to integrated circuit electronics usually involving some form of processor.


Measuring device based on an accurate screw thread. Measurements can be taken to 0.01mm/0.001''.


A measure of paint film thickness, equal to one one-thousandth of a millimetre.


A device that converts sound waves to audio signals.

Microsoft Office

A package of programs including Word Processor (Word), Spreadsheet (Excel), Presentation (PowerPoint), Email and Organisation (Outlook).


1. Essential equipment for use when a technician is hungry...2. High frequency radio waves.