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Glossary: Automotive Glossary


Forming well written, easy to read sentences, paragraphs and documents with the use of punctuation (i.e., full stops, commas etc.).


A device that propels rocks at a painted substrate to measure the resistance the finish has to rock chips.


The attraction that all masses experience as a force towards the earth - or any other planet for that matter!

Gravity-feed Gun

A spray gun which has the paint container on the top of the gun, allowing the paint to flow into the fluid passage by gravity.


A thick sticky lubricant made from a variety of bases, usually derived from crude oils, and used for bearing and chassis lubrication.

Greenhouse gases

Gases that are a natural part of the atmosphere. They absorb and re-radiate the sun's warmth, and maintain the Earth's surface temperature at a level necessary to support life.


Abrading painted or unpainted metal surfaces to remove paint/corrosion or prepare the area for filling.


Refers to the abrasive size used in flatting papers, discs, etc. and is classified using 'P' grades, e.g. P40, P120, P600 and so on. The larger the number, the finer the abrasive


A paint product is said to be gritty when it contains large particles, from insufficient dispersion during mixing or when it contains large hard particles of foreign materials.


A blind grommet is a rubber insert fitted into a hole in a plate to blank off the plate. Other types are used to provide protection for cables or pipes that pass through a hole.