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Glossary: Automotive Glossary


Authorised Examiner – the organisation that operates and manages one or more VTSs and is responsible for controlling the quality of testing carried out. Except in the case of a ‘sole trader’ the AE is not a person but a legal entity (e.g. a company or partnership).


Air mixture in a hydraulic liquid that reduces the performance of a hydraulic system.

Aesthetic Value

A value put on how nice or appealing something looks.


Air Flow Control


Air Flow Meter


Air Flow Sensor


Clumps of pigment particles which have formed loose clusters. Usually undesirable in paint, since agglomerates tend to settle out and exhibit poor colour or 'seeds', which are small granular deposits, other than dust, found in paint, varnish or lacquer colour.


A paint stirrer.

Agitator Cup

Paint cup used with high metallics and pearls to keep the pigment particles in suspension by continually mixing the paint. This ensures better colour uniformity.

Air Bleed Valve

An automatic device used on fuel injection systems to provide fast idle during cold start and warm up.