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An apprentice has entered an incorrect email address in the 'Soft skills and behaviour assessment' invite. How can this be corrected?

The Centre Co-ordinator can edit the apprentice entries by:

  1. Clicking on the link for the Soft skills and behaviour assessment:

  2. Clicking on the 'Respondents' tab:

  3. To the right-hand side of the apprentice name click 'View':
  4. This will then display the invites, allowing the incorrect entry to be deleted by clicking the 'Delete' button:

  5. Once deleted, you can now send out a new invite:


Contact Details

Switchboard: 01992 511 521



I am an Assessor but I can’t grade the uploaded evidence.

The ‘evidence’ that the student/apprentice uploads during the three phases can only be graded by the mentor in the eLogbook. 

I can’t get a report for the behaviour assessment.

If you are unable to generate a report for the behaviour assessment this is usually because not all respondents have completed it. To be able to generate a report the apprentice/student, mentor and training provider must complete the assessment in full. 

I don't have Centre Coordinator status

Please contact if you need your role changing to 'Centre Coordinator'.

Thank you. 

I have run out of access/redeem codes

To request more access/redeem codes for your centre please email stating how many more codes you would like and what centre they are for.

Thank you. 

I’ve uploaded certificates at the gateway but they are not showing on the progress bar.

Once you have submitted a certificate at any of the gateways your Assessor/training provider will need to log in and grade it ‘100’. These should be checked and graded by your Assessor/training provider rather than your mentor.


Level 2 Certificates for ST0033/AP02

Within the ‘End Point Assessment’ section for ST0033/AP02 there is an area for the apprentice to upload a copy of their Level 2 Apprenticeship Framework certificate. This exempts them from Phases 1 and 2 and Gateways 1 and 2. However, if they want the opportunity to achieve an overall grade higher than a ‘pass’ they need to complete Gateway 2.

If the apprentice has completed a Level 2 VRQ (usually completed during a full-time course) this only exempts them from Phase 1 and Gateway 1. This certificate could be uploaded to the same place but it must be clearly labelled that it is only a VRQ certificate and not the full Apprenticeship certificate.

Login Issues

Usernames and passwords will NOT work directly on this website. 

To gain access please login here instead:

Once you have logged in to the above website, just click the 'My IMI' link in the grey banner and you will be taken to your dashboard then from here you can login to the eLogbook.

Thank you. 


No ‘add entry’ button on the off-the-job training log

If the student/apprentice is unable to see the ‘add entry’ tab this will be because they have not been set-up in a group/garage. Please add the student/apprentice to a group and recheck. 


Where do I input my redeem code?

If you have been supplied with a redeem code you will need to visit and follow the onscreen prompts.