This demonstration course shows how the various subject and the associated lessons of our eLearning are structured, the type of content available and how the lessons form part of larger courses. Here are just a few of the features and key benefits of IMI eLearning:

  • Teacher/Instructor preparation is reduced or eliminated
  • High quality resources with interactive features keep the learners engaged
  • Structured to match all awarding organisations and course requirements
  • Easy monitoring of students' progress
  • Variety of learning methods
  • eLogbook for Apprenticeship Standards
  • Annual training and assessment for MOT testers

The course is in three parts: general eLearning, MOT annual training and assessment, and apprenticeship standards eLogbook and more.

Cost: £0 - CPD Value 3 x 1hr

Here are some examples from our materials to show the amazing features and benefits of using our eLearning materials. The demonstrations include:

  • General eLearning (for students and CPD)
  • MOT Testers (annual training and assessment)
  • Apprenticeship standards (eLogbook, eLearning and behaviour survey)

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